Feng Shui

Feng Shui is one of the branches of Oriental Medicine and like acupuncture there are many different methods in it's application.  At Healthy Living Therapeutic Spa, Classical Feng Shui is our method of choice.  Our training and education in Feng Shui is enhanced by our intuition making our application of Feng Shui precise and effective.

Feng Shui is about our environment and the energy in it.  Feng is the chinese word for wind and Shui is the word for water.  These two terms are what is used to describe the flow and accumulation of "Qi" (energy) in any given environment.  We are influenced physically and psychologically by our natural and man made environment in a profound way. If you've entered someone's' home, or like many who have entered our therapeuitc spa, and exclaimed "It feels good in here" or "It's nice in here", you've had a feng shui experience.

Feng Shui is the study of how energetic influences from our natural and man made environmnet affects on our health, mental state, relationships and opportunities.  Much like in acupuncture where the key focus is to balance the body's energy for optimal health, Feng Shui is what we do to balance the energies in our environment for an optimal healthy life.

Feng Shui consultations are available for both home and business.  Sometimes a Feng Shui space clearing for your home, office or business property is all you need.  Feng Shui space Clearing gets rid of energy blockages, negative  or stagnant qi so that goodness and health can flow freely and thoroughly.  Feng Shui space clearing is a necessity before any Feng Shui treatment can take hold or before any Feng Shui consulting suggestions become implemented.  We have been very successful in helping with the selling of homes and increasing business success in shops and business.

Please call for pricing as this service is specific to each individual and varies by square footage and conditions of the property.  

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